Do You Have Offices In Europe?

Do You Conduct Business With EU Citizens?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) represents the most significant change to European data protection laws in over 22 years. Aimed at simplifying the regulatory environment for international businesses operating in the European Union or interacting with personal data of EU residents and citizens, the GDPR has been designed to create a unifying framework for the management of information and personal data within the EU.

As the GDPR is aimed toward protecting personal data of European citizens or residents, the GDPR focuses on having the correct governance, policies and practices, as well as intrusion detection, system monitoring, and reporting procedures in place.

GDPR Compliance Implementation

Abacode’s program provides organizations a consolidated way to manage all GDPR requirements. Our experienced professionals use state-of-the-art data security software combined with data management solutions to search and index existing systems for all personally identifiable information. This allows for discovery, classification, and protection of sensitive data directly at the source.

GDPR Readiness Assessment

A GDPR Readiness Assessment consists of an evaluation an organization’s readiness in terms of GDPR compliance by identifying which data falls into the scope of the GDPR, assessing the current state of the organization’s security practices, identifying potential gaps and shortcomings, and providing a roadmap toward GDPR compliance.

GDPR Policy & Controls Development

Abacode creates a unique set of policies and controls that help your organization become GDPR compliant. The policies and controls reflect the data that falls under the scope of GDPR and provide a structured approach to managing data security that complies both with the GDPR and industry-specific regulations that need to be taken into account (i.e. healthcare, banking, etc.).

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Abacode will help manage risks to personal information. Abacode can help create the DPIA process and assist companies and organizations in undertaking regular DPIAs when new projects or third parties become subject to the GDPR.

Fractional Data Privacy Officer (DPO)

Abacode will designate a data protection officer (DPO) with expert knowledge of data protection law and practices to monitor compliance, act as an advisor on data protection obligations, and represent the organization as the point of contact for data subjects and relevant supervisory authorities.

GDPR Program Assurance

Abacode ensures that the organization in question is GDPR compliant by performing regular compliance assessments, testing, and training.

Why Choose Abacode as Your MSSP?

As certified cybersecurity & compliance experts (CISSP, CIA, CISA, CEH, PMP, etc.), GDPR implementation is one of our focuses. Abacode continuously implements GDPR controls for organizations throughout the year and helps them maintain compliance moving forward.

Abacode’s compliance portal helps streamline continuous compliance and security control effectiveness tracking for organizations before, during, and after assessments.

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