Greg Chevalier - Abacode Cybersecurity & Compliance

Greg Chevalier

SVP - Partners and Sales Strategy

Greg is a Cybersecurity specialist and subject matter expert focused on Cybersecurity from a business perspective. His knowledge and expertise spans multiple disciplines including Risk Assessments, Governance, Risk, Compliance and full service Managed Security Solutions. For the last 2 decades Greg has focused on building and implementing companies and strategies that incorporate Cybersecurity business driven solutions across multiple industry segments. This includes evaluating industry and market trends as they relate to information security threats, identifying and creating world-class security solutions, and talking with security experts about the ever-changing threat landscape. Greg is often asked to speak at industry and business conferences to discuss Cybersecurity and the impact to the business.

Prior to entering the Cybersecurity industry Greg began his career with IBM in 1984 as an engineer. Greg moved in to sales and business leadership and spent a total of 10 years at IBM running a $ 250 Million strategic business unit.